GeoGebra. IX Jornades 2017 UPF

Geogebra is a didactic resource that facilitates the Mathematics learning of our students.

In addition, one of our hobbies with GeoGebra is to give life to mathematical photographs.

This year we are going to participate in IX Gathering ACG: Do we give enough prominence to our students in working with GeoGebra? 17 and 18/02/2017

Jornades IX


What would Galileo think if he got on the space station? What would Newton face be if he saw in GeoGebra a function as a moving point? What would Leibnitz say if he had a symbolic calculator in his hands? What would Louis Daguerre or the Lumière brothers do with a Smartphone? What music would Bach do if he had a synthesizer? What about us, maths teachers?

Here you can download the GeoGebra files presented. Arxius ggb 1   Arxius ggb 2  Arxius ggb 3

And the presentation.

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